How to Protect Your Furniture When Moving (2021 Guide)

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When hiring movers, the most important thing to remember is how to safely protect your furniture. When you have a move planned, the last thing you want is your furniture to get damaged. Without proper precautions, your wood furniture can become damaged and upholstery insides could be ripped. To protect your furniture, follow these important tips during each phase of your move.

Moving and protecting your furniture should never be taken lightly. It is always in your best interest to follow these tips when packing before you move, whether doing so into a new home or storage unit.

– The first thing you should do is take photos of your furniture before the moving day arrives so that all parties are aware how it’s currently arranged and how any damage incurred moves with you to your new location. This will help keep everyone honest on damages, but there also may be times when preexisting damaged furniture goes unnoticed and this is why we recommend not only pictures but video recordings as well.

– Next, cover your furniture in sheets or plastic wrap. This will keep it clean and protect pieces from dirt or dust while the movers are packing up your items.

-Finally, label how you would like to have any of these fragile items packed. techniques for how to pack them and how they should be handled during the move.

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